Cartiere Panigada is with no doubt one of the most important Paper Mill in the business of unicolors decorative paper, mainly due to the following features:

  • Long lasting experience and knowledge about the development and production of decorative papers and colored kraft papers for HPL and LPL laminates, for interior and exterior applications purpose.
  • A very high production flexibility enabling us to produce the paper in any width ranging from 1000 mm. up to  2900 mm.
  • A customers oriented production policy to meet all customers’ needs with the option of producing also small lot quantity as one ton only in any color and any size.

Our production range spans all over the color scale: from the white to the black, from the lightest colors to the most vivid ones. We do feature a state-of-the-art laboratory and highly skilled Technical Department working daily to develop new colors and recipes, tailor made on our customers and partners’ request.


The production plant is composed of two continuous machineries: the first machinery can produce paper in the size up to 2900 mm width and the second machinery up to 1630 mm width, with a substance weight of the paper from 60 to 200 grs/sqm.


Based on our managerial values, we have been able over the years to get a constant growing of our business and nowadays our products are in the standard range of very important Companies in Europe and Overseas Countries.

To achieve the unconditional satisfaction of our customers, we do offer focused solutions following some main activities:

    • To bring forward and to satisfy all customers’ needs.
    • Investments in the technology, production efficiency, safety and protection of the environment.
    • Meticulous care in the quality improving of our products.


One of our main aim is the close business relationship with our customers by sharing expectations and market targets being in continuous development.

With this in mind we make a big technical efforts to improve our proposals either for the economical point of view by granting very competitive prices and for the quality of our products.

Panigada offer day by day new products and services thanks to the new technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled Technical and Commercial Departments.

Our main aim is the research of solutions to face future scenario by way of:

  • Developing new product concept and services
  • Reducing the cost of production through innovative solutions without compromising the long lasting quality of our product


We are an ISO9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and FSC Certified Company as a part of our commitment for the preservation of the environment and our ecosystem.


Our company has implemented an Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001. The Code of Ethics can be consulted at the following link.